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Poh's Exciting Adventures
At times I don't mind having made the decision to stay in Tally and work and do school and in the downtime, relax. Yet, I miss my family, I miss my friends, and they're having a great summer, while I can't be there. I was told that my entire existence was taking that class and working, and when I heard that, a part of my heart broke off and lodged itself in my ribs.

Besides the pangs of missing people, and the place I call home, I've been feeling a restless urge to travel. To be adventurous and to live, and to see things that I haven't seen, and to do things I haven't done. I dream about climbing a mountain, I dream about running a trail in the woods, I even dream about walking down the streets of France. I feel stuck here, trapped by a class I hate, and work that terrifies me.

Everyday a fear lives in the back of my head, that I will fail, and fall short of the person I want to be. I also fear that I will never be able to travel, I will never climb that mountain, or find that special someone, or really just live. not just exist.

I don't want to just exist. I have only this one life, and yet I am horribly limited.

People talk about college as the next great big adventure, an experience that will be remembered as one of the best you will ever have. I personally think they're full of shit.

College is honestly like everything else in life. It has its ups and it has its downs, and it will not be the best, nor will it be the worst. It is too big of a monster to simplify. It is the time where you find who you are and who you want to be. It is also known as the time where you are terrified of impending adulthood and yet cannot stand being a child anymore. It is the in-between stage of life. It is the cocoon, not the time where we spread our wings and fly.

There is no right way to experience college. (I constantly have to remind this to myself.) The problem is that for years, and years, so many people will tell you that they joined this soriority/frat and it changed their life, or that they did this club, or lived in this dorm and found their forever friend that ended up being their maid of honor.


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