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Poh's Exciting Adventures
October 31st, 2016:

Happy Halloween!

Although it's 1:12 in the morning, and I have no business writing on here, and should be writing my lab report instead. But in a fit of nostalgia and heavy-duty procrastination, here I am.

I was in a bad head space this summer. I was isolated, lonely, and scared. I fucked up majorly in early July, and I didn't know how to cope with it. Without going into details, everything is okay, and ultimately, it wasn't as bad as it seemed.

Life I'm starting to understand, moves on faster than most realize. Months blur by, and suddenly we're all ten years older, and not much wiser.

I first started writing on here when I was thirteen, almost six years to the day. I was young, and confused, and scared, and going through a divorce that seemed to rock my whole world open. Those memories, those days seems like a lifetime ago instead of just 6 years ago.

I'm still young and confused, but I have different worries, and different thoughts, so these old journals, seem like another girl in an another time. Nowdays, I'm changing so rapidly, and I am slowly starting to figure out what I want from life, and what I can begin to offer.

13 year old me would be ecstatic to hear that 19 year old me is living with T, my best friend since we were six. (Not putting her name for privacy, so I will call her T.) When I was little, I used to imagine that our families would live in a house that was two house in one, but had secret tunnels. But as I grew, I forgot about that dream. In high school I even thought we wouldn't even end up going to the same college.

But now I am currently living with her, and we had originally thought that living together would be a strain on our friendship. If anything, it actually strengthened it.


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