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Poh's Exciting Adventures
We hang out in the living room, we have refrigerator magnets that we have a slogan of the week for, we go grocery shopping together, and we tell each other about every aspect of our day. We have shows that we watch together, and we have plans nearly every day that concern the other. We make each other laugh so hard we cry, and we talk shit about people that hurt one of us.

We even have pets too, and they're just a constant joy in our lives. We have our dog whose a pit mix, and T is her owner. She's a cutie pupper, who has several quirks about her that we love. Then we also have an orange tabby who I'm convinced has an evil mastermind, but the face of the cutest cat on the planet. He's my pet, and a fucking asshole of one. He'll wake me up in the mornings by biting me, and demand food, or attention. But I love the cat anyway.

Back to the friendship, so there's this long boring backstory on how we came up with the idea, but I won't go into detail. Basically, we have not an idea, but a concrete plan to go backpack across Europe, the summer before our senior year of college.

The summer of 2018, T and I will be hitting around 21 countries in 91 days. We plan to hit Norway, and then travel to Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece.

We've been planning, and saving, and using all of our own money to finance this trip. It's hard work, and I've been working as a delivery driver to save up. I already had the job before, but now I'm putting the money to good use.

This has been a silent dream of mine for so many years, and now its a reality. I can hardly believe it. Our other friend M, will be maybe joining us for a while, but not for the full 3 months that we'll be in Europe.

We will be 21 and free to go and hit all of the breathtaking sights, and sounds, and meet people from all over the continent.

My 13 year old self would not believe that either. She would be wanting to rush forward and fast forward through all those years to get to that


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