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Poh's Exciting Adventures
To be honest, I could use some fast forwarding through this awful fall semester too. But, I keep reminding myself, that these are the years where we'll be young, and free, and mildly unattached. I will be begging for this precious time back.

I can't fast forward through the majority of my college years just to go on an insanely cool trip. I need to appreciate each moment, and love each day. I know its very hippy dippy to think like that - but I think it helps keep a positive frame of mind.

This fall semester sucks so badly because I've decided to go in a totally different direction with my life, and it's so scary and risky, but I know I will be a lot happier of a person.

I changed my major from Biology to Literature, and (hopefully) Communications. I know I've always been a good writer, (excluding this journal), and I know I've always loved to read. I consume hundreds of books a year, and I know the difference between bad writing and good writing as a result.

I plan to go to law school, and become a lawyer and do something good with it. Honestly, all I want to do is find something that I'm good at, that I like, and that I can make money at. That's the golden trifecta. So I think I can do that with law school.

But because I changed my major this semester, I'm still stuck taking classes for biology. If you're wondering why I was studying Biology in the first place; it's because I wanted to be a vet once upon a time, (actually for many, many years, it was all I wanted to do). But I realized the reality of it, and how much I didn't care for it.

I was sitting on the bus, on the way to campus when I realized how much I hated my classes this semester, and how unenthusiastic I was about everything. I realized I didn't want to study something that sure would get me a stable job, but not something that I hated. So why not switch my major. I had been considering law school for a good


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