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Persecutory delusion.
I feel like someones watching me. Stalking me. Can hear me talk. Can see my pictures. Will expose my flaws. Will embarrass me make fun of me. Can see through my email and any social accounts. Ive deleted most of my social accounts. Im keeping those accounts i still need. Throughout my childhood Ive been a victim of bullying. Grew up in a overly protective family where simple jokes from my cousins hurts me like hell deep inside. I need to overcome this shit. I need someone i can talk to. I need help. But who? who's the person I can talk that wont judge me? and wont make fun or ridicule me?

It's fucking pathetic when you're studying behavior and you cant control your own thoughts.

Ill sleep on it i guess or read this fuck it therapy.

06-04-17 17:08pm


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