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Fuck. Fuckity fuckit fuckityshit. Im gonna graduate this 25th. welcome to another chapter of major shit. What am i going to write about today? fake people. fake friends. wanna get lost. go to another place where no one knows me. a great escape of reality. I would but i cant. I mean i can but i wouldnt do it. I was used to face reality however painful it is. I always imagine the worst case scenario of life just in case it happens i can prepare for it. i think thats the most masochistic thing i can do to myself. But the worst scenario always happens it makes me feel less affected cause well i was prepared for it. it makes me feel numb to any painful shits thats going on. Im listening to this twenty pilots songs. it kind of makes me focus on something. Yeah im like any other person i listen to this kind of music.

i think thats it for today. so much toxicity going on around here.

03-04-17 17:28pm


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