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You know this feeling that you kind of want to do something out of the blue? I mean sure I've written something before like essays or projects at school that involves writing but this time i want to write something because i really want to do it not because somebody asked me to or i was required to do it. Awhile ago, we were at a bookstore with my sister inside the mall. Back when i was in highschool a friend introduced me to a library and somehow in a long run it became my sanctuary. Like its more of an escape for me from the harshest things in life. Eventually reality kicks in when the library closes after 5pm. But anyway in relation to the bookstore thing, when my friend and i went to the mall to watch a movie way back high school, it was my first time going to a mall and we passed this shop where there's books in it. So after watching the movie we went to the bathroom and i hurried my friend in panic that the store would close but instead of saying bookstore i told her library. "Hurry i need to go to the library they might close now" She looked puzzled and told me there was no library there i was also puzzled and told her that we passed it on the way to cinemas. She sighed and told me, you mean the bookstore? and i said, "Oh." The girls in the bathroom laughed at me. "God youre such a bookworm! she told me.
it still pops up in my mind whenever i go inside the bookstore and it still makes me laugh up to this day. library-> bookstore *facepalm*
Bookstore is the only best thing about malls, I swear to God! Unfortunately what i saw today in the bookstore are bunch of crap. I mean lots of em. All i can see are these novels about love and stuffs. things that doesn't interest me somehow. Till i saw this book about "fuck it therapy" and "one page a day".

do you believe in signs? like there's just this thing that would pop up infront of you i mean not pop up like a magic but more of its just there and it gives you something like strange feeling. I dont believe in those stuffs. But i do believe in gut feeling. Maybe because i needed them somehow so its kind of it has meanings for me when i saw it. That gave me this idea to write about it. here. i dont know how this works but i like the website's name plus i love the typewriter font. so cool. classic.

hopefully this will be a journal/book or whatever i want it to be.
02-04-17 23:02pm


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