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So one page per day, huh? I've always wanted to keep a diary and stick to it, but I never did. I used to write some pretty deep blogs, but since I deleted my myspace :P . I used to start "diaries" all the time by writing that I could never stick to a diary. Let's see if this sticks.

Dressed kinda like agytha deyn today (the hat at least). Its a nice change to my usual lilly allen-ish look. The boyfriend took pics, should be up on FB soon. Worked my internship a bit at star bucks an Dunkin Donuts. Rushed home to my super attached kitty, wrecks. Spent some money shopping that I should be saving. Deposited babysitting check. Practicing later today.

My thoughts today have been much towards photography. I will be shooting a couple of friends over the next couple of days. I'm trying to shoot a bight brighter than i usually do. Also been thinking about my style, i love switching it up. I've been having some self discipline problems. I work more efficiently when I'm busy, but since I have time I'm slacking. Trying to focus on my life with God and how I can be the person he wants me to be. My biggest goal is to love Him and all people. Next to that is my future in linguistics, my breaking, and my photography. I made a photography website this week. We'll see if I start getting any work.

Anything deep? Eh, not right now. It's hard to be deep when your feeling content. I'm blessed with crazy networking and experience opportunities. I have a supporting family and a loving boyfriend, the best friends (though they live back at home), and the funniest cat.

I'm happy.


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