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Now there's Alex- no good, incredible witty, immediate attraction, know it all and a little too forward Alex. And I didn't talk to Jason much all day because of Alex... but it has no future, and I miss Jason now. But convo with Alex is so good that I just haven't cut him off. I will. This is ridiculous.

January 2, 2015

I wish this thing recorded dates.. Maybe it does. This year will be a new one for the simple fact that I have quit my job and starting in March I expect my photography work to sustain me. I'm excited that theres an $800 dollar job in January for me and there may be a $2000 job with heron foundation still, I just hope that I can still get it. there may also be more as more companies and things other than families have begun reaching out to me. It's time to get everything back in order.. My new years resolution is to read everyday, not buy new clothes, and to write and letter everyday. I've started today since yesterday I went numb. Time to write my first story.


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