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Day two of class was also pretty good, I'm spending more and more money every day and it's getting really annoying haha, I think that it's teaching me a lot to be honest, it sucks because last semester my mom was like super supportive and there for me and now it's like talking to a robot that's depressed when i talk to her and she's just leaving me out in the dust. I think that if i get my fafsa stuff in this semester then i'll have a good chance of being able to check in for next semester earlier making my payments less over a longer period of time, also it would give my mom and dad more time to get money for me to stay up here in lynchburg. I liked psych today and i look forward to an interesting class that isn't as demanding to balance out all of the other stufff have going on. I'm slowly but surely getting back into my grind as far as being organized and studious also I don't think semsester will be too demanding. I'm also looking forward to tutoring and getting paid to do HW. I pray god that you will just be in my household more than ever lord i thank you for giving your love to my mom and allowing her to be love because you first loved her and just pour into johnny i pray that everyone who's hurting in that house can just realize that you're real and you're what they need and they can try to put their faith in abuelo's or wendy's or worldly parental figures but the only one who will never never ever let them down is you lord. Micro biology is the next class i went to and it was kinda fun kinda boring but it should be an ok class, i want to find the balance where i can study enough to where if feel good on tests but not strive for perfection but rather understanding. I figuring out more and more about classes (obviously) everyday and it's making me feel more nervous, i just want to fast forward to 2 weeks from now when i'm busy everyday, I don't really like this transitioning period. I want to start to use this one page per day thingy as more of a expressive outlet than a diary, but whatever comes from it is cool i'm pretty fluid with it. Convo is tomorrow and that should be fun. I'm mad that i left so much important stuff at home, i need money haha. so i shouldn't waste any on things i don't really need like another lab coat. i love whitney so much she's a super awesome woman and i see so many amazing christlike qualities in her. Update just got off the phone with dad, it was nice to talk to him, I'm really just realizing so much and I'm so thankful I'm at school right now even if it's only for this semester or for this year whatever I know that god has a plan for me and it's in his planning and I'm convinced with that. I need to take my own advice, give my struggles to the lord because he wants to be there for me. It's everything all over again, except the roles are switched. Instead of learning what i need to know in order to lead other's to christ, I'm leading other's to christ while using the truths that i still need to learn from and that's cool it realy is


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