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8/31 Day 4. Continuing on my what I jokingly will refer to as my 3 day series on Influences, today's daily page will be dedicated to those who have influenced me positively intellectually over my first year at liberty and shortly before and thereafter. So leading up to school, I was so fearfully motivated to do exceptional in my fall classes in order to get accepted into the nursing program. The weeks building up to move-in day I was still running on my productivity high from workshop and just really excited to get into this new chapter of my life. In preparation, I watched endless youtube videos and one who stood out to me was Thomas Frank. His videos touched on various topics related to the college student experience but the underlying focus was productivity. His videos and articles he recommended became the basis for my note-taking (evernote and paper combo), planning (iCal w/ org), and most importantly study habits. His channel CollegeInfoGeek is still running and Thomas is also featured on a Crash Course series all about study skills. I'd like to say that workshop people also influenced me intellectually but more so my work ethic and character. Moving forward with the year, there were a number of people who had a huge influence on my academic success including my tutors for Chemistry and Anatomy. Caleb and A. helped to not only familiarize me with the tutoring system at liberty but play a key role to my A in Chemistry. I say this because I am a firm believer that the little things are more important as the big things, using my final grade as a testament to this principle, just as every test question and homework played into my 901.12 point total so did every hour studying and going to tutoring. Another tutor that largely influence me my fall freshman semester specifically is Donovan Sebastian. Not only is he a big part of the reason I am possibly soon being offered a tutoring position identical to the one he held, but he was a great tutor and helped me in the best way for me. I was able to bounce ideas off of him and fill in the holes that remained in my understanding. To go even further, I'd say that one his most meaningful impact on me was on that he probably won't remember but it was a conversation that helped me re-direct my focus on nursing when I had been contemplating switching to pre-med for entirely too long and was extremely overwhelmed. He helped me come to the conclusion that I'd rather pursue nursing and keep the doctor door open than pursue becoming a doctor and permanently close off the nursing door. All of these people, among others, had a huge positive impact on me and are a big part of the reason I was able to transition from High school to College so smoothly. As I head into sophomore year and take on my new role, I hope to be there for whomever I can and offer the same advice, support,and tutoring as these few people did to me.


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