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He found that he was a half step slower than those around. He swiped his train ticket and entered the airport. The thought suddenly occurred to him, "Wow, I'm actually going to miss England. Guess you don't know how much a place becomes a home until you leave".  The cold air raced after him, as he grabbed his collar and walked to the terminal. Along the walkway were ads for banks and airlines. He wondered what the airport in Nairobi looked like after so long. "Probably hasn't changed much after 10 years." He thought. He checked in, slugged through security, and headed to the gate. In the main terminal a crowd buzzed around the screens anxiously awaiting gate updates. Nehemiah saw his flight and headed to the gate.  
"Nehemiah?" A voice said from behind. He turned around to see a tall, elderly lady staring up at him.  
"Oh my heavens, it is you!"  
"You don't remember me do you? Well of course you wouldn't. I used to be your teacher in Class 4, goodness you look just the same. Just as I remember you." 
"Mrs. Evans!" he remembered as he received her embrace." 
"Where are you going?" 
"My mother died. I'm going to bury her." 
"Oh good heavens! I am sorry. That's just dreadful news!" 
"I just want to get back home and be with my family" 
"Course you do, dear." 
"And where are you flying to?" 
"Well I've long since retired from teaching, as you probably guessed. I'm on my way to see my sister-in-law in     Copenhagen."  
"That's Nice" 
"She was a nurse, retired now too. Lovely woman. Course, she never did recover completely after my brother's death. Its frightfully cold weather there now. This time of year. Thought I'd visit and cheer her up over Christmas." 
"Well I hope you have a pleasant trip and enjoy your stay." He tilted his head and looked passed her at the departing flights. "I think my flight is now boarding. It was lovely meeting you again Mrs. Evans. Take Care" 
"Bye dear!" She shouted after him. 


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