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He was stopped by a small queue of people waiting to be cleared by customs. When it was his turn, the customs officer offered him an ignorant hand. Nehemiah offered him his passport. The officer opened it and looked over a few pages as if he were trying to find something. Annoyed, he closed it abruptly and handed it back to Nehemiah. “Karibu nymbani” he said. Nehemiah nodded in appreciation and heaved his luggage trolley forward. The cool night sky welcomed him home as the start seemed to shine much brighter than in England. He checked his phone, no messages. His brother should have called by now. Exhausted and in need of a meal he slumped over his trolley and made a call.  
“Hello? You’ve arrived?” said the voice at the other end. 
“Yeah! I just arrived. Are you here yet?” asked Nehemiah. 
“Almost, just trying to look for a parking space. Just wait, I’m coming.” Replied his brother. 
Daniel was already parked under a lamp looking over his notes.   
On his way to get coffee he is spotted by Kalahari who introduces himself and the organization, the The Elect "we're not as fancy as the CIA, or Mossad but we're effective. there's no real training, we pick you and send you out immediately. Unlike other agencies, we're all very close and treat each other like family. Oh so you're a gang Nehemiah quipped. Sort of, like Robin Hood and His Merry Men. Except we don't have a leader. You know I really don't have anything to say to you at this point and I'm really not interested in joining your little cartel, alright? Listen, all we want from you is one day. Come around with us and see what we do. We could really use someone like you. You don't even know anything about me. Yes we do, we've been watching you. What?! How? Ok I've had enough. Here, I'll give you 500 shillings to leave me a lone. Nehemiah pushes his shoulder to get by. Ok then, we'll see you at 6 am sharp tomorrow. Meet at Dormans in  Westlands. As he walked on wondering what kind of encounter that was Nehemiah felt his phone vibrate. He looked down and saw a text message from sender Kalahari "Remember 8am ". What the---Nehemiah froze. How did his name get in my phonebook? I've never met this man in my life! He put the phone to his ear as he tried calling the number. The operator voice implicated a wrong number had been dialed. I don't believe this. "  


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