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The summer night is calm, around the small village of hardly few hundred people, with little moist air aiding the natives to stay asleep till the dawn. hot summer day have consumed enough energy from the people to stay awake, also their lifestyle does not include activities past first quarter of the night. a Big day full of life challenges and little awards is not long away for the plain hard working small farmers. Well past the third quarter of the night, happens an unusual entry into the village. he is a man on motorcycle, alerting the pet dogs outside houses & making them respond with the huffs and barks before he enters in to the first street of the village. People of the village are accustomed to hearing field crickets chirping at night, or occasional crying of bats flying in the dark, which is making new comer's motorcycle sound too aggravating for light sleepers. As unlikely as it seems to them, they are unaware of the fact that the incomer is no stranger to the place and its people. Narrow single lane road connects the district highway to the village, and it pass further to the nearby canal by touching only one side to the village. Passing by first and largest building of the village, the public middle school, biker slows down at the end of its boundary wall to take the right turn. Being here jogged a lot of for him as He remembered a speed bump at that corner, which made his grip over the handle firmer. In few moments he was in central part of the village. He parked the bike in front of an old house built, in rural style and customs, with mud and clay bricks. A little far ahead from that house starts the village market, which is consisted of just a few shops.

He got off the motorcycle & took a few steps towards the market and then he stopped. Nodded his head aside and turned back to the house, opened the big gate locked by an old locked coated with thick rust layers, stepped back to drag the bike inside the motorcycle into house and closed the gate, which made a loud enough creaking noise to put some further wrinkles on his forehead. Little could he be bothered by that so he entered the sole decent room of the of the house, which opens in the main yard. As for tomorrow he had a lot on the plate so decided to sleep right away, only few hours were left anyway.
Next dawn was not so special as he felt, his bones have never felt the true rest,


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