snippet from 1. Dead By Friday
1. Dead By Friday


The walk down the alley was the longest walk she ever had to take. Was it him lying in the puddle of blood? The copper-like smell filled the small space between the buildings. Her fingers icy, my pulse beating against my chest, I wanted it to be someone else, anyone else, I didn't care. Just not him.

I got to the body and Rudy turned him over. All that pent up breath that I was holding, came out in a hiss.

"You thought it was him, didn't you?"

"You know as well as I do, one day it will be."

"White male in his early to mid thirties Doc." The coroner came up to us.

He stooped down and stuck a thermometer in his side. "Ninety-six degrees and accounting for the outside temps, I'd say he died about two hours ago. Hmm," He took a gloved finger and turned the head to the side. "Someone coppered him a good one."

"Is that your professional opinion Doc?"


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