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maybe it was like I had been given a new sense.
I boarded a bus the morning Armstrong walked on the moon. That afternoon I along with two friends were sworn into the US ARMY.
We would be taken to Ft Knox, Ky for Basic training.
Basic was like rearranging your head and your body. You are a lump and they will make you into something. I was overweight, out of shape. The platoon Sergeant looked at me and simply said in his Hawaiian Oriental accent "ooh to fuat"! On top of all the other normal things in basic added to my situation was 10 sit-ups before each meal and 10 more each week so in the 8th week of basic there were 80 sit-ups before each meal. That meal could not have any potatoes, bread, cakes, cookies etc!
I knew how to shoot a gun but we learned about guns and ammo. We learned about hand to hand combat. We learned about each other. We learned how to get along. We learned how to be depended on and to depend on others. To truly be a team.
From basic it was off to AIT. I was sent to Fort Polk, LA. Home of the infantry. I would be an 11B10, infantry private. We were screamed at when we got there, every time your foot hits the ground you better hollar kill. If you are going thru the bars every time your hand hits another bar you hollar kill.
I was lucky enough to come home at the end of the 5th week of AIT. I had went from 235lbs to 178lbs.
At the end of AIT some of us were sent to Ft Benning for NCO school. You had to go. You must stay 3 weeks.
We were released the day before Thanksgiving from AIT and had until the 13th of Dec to report to Ft Benning. We showed up and were told they did not know why they had sent us because the base closed the next weekend for Christmas. So the following Friday back home I went. Supposed to go back the 4th of January. I did not want to go back. I could have ridden with buddies but I waited an extra day and then took a bus back arriving a day late.
I dropped out of NCO school after 3 weeks. I was then sent to casual company for a few days then orders for Vietnam. I had 38 days to report to Ft Lewis, WA.
I arrived in Vietnam on March 21st. 8 months after arriving at Ft Knox. I had been trained.


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