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Never Wanted
It was April 2007, the ground still covered with snow from a late winter storm that had dumped six plus inches on the ground. I was huddled in the basement, surrounded by packing material; boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. Packing was such a chore, but I was ready for this move. We had lived in the tiny farmhouse, surrounded by 100 acres of woods and cornfields, for the last three years. I was over being isolated from most of our friends and civilization in general. I was bound and determined to stay focused on the end result; get as many boxes packed before my husband arrived home, with a crew of friends with trucks to help us move into a dream home. A beautiful log cabin nestled in the woods, on 10 acres, in a small lake community. We would finally be able to engage more with friends, neighbors and serve in the church. I only stopped my packing, to let the dog out or help my daughter with her school work, I couldn’t wait to move.

Until, a box on the corner shelf, marked “Gram 1999” caught my eye.

My heart began to beat like a marching band inside my chest, as an inner squeal leak from my lips. I knew instantly what I was about to find inside this tightly wrapped package. Taped conversations with the most remarkable woman I had ever known - my grandmother.

What I found was much more than I could ever have imagined.


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