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first day brah
well this is my first page i guess. never even thought of keeping a diary of any sort, but i figure ill start doing it since im a fucking loser who has no social life. there are multiple ways to look at this. i am only a teenager and life can most certainly change. or that i will be a complete loser forever. i hope college is better than JA where they fucking drug test us. i wanna fukken smoke weed err day.

also, jessie seems like a cool bro, might start hanging out w/ him? going to new orleans in a few days so i wont be updating on sunday probably.

maybe one day ill read this when im 80 years old - maybe ill forget about it in a few weeks. i guess we'll see.

thats not really how i type i just like typing like this because it makes me seem more sarcastic rather than serious and i like to describe myself as a sarcastic person.

damn anne overton was hot as hell today.

10/21/10 on a


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