snippet from Day 152.
Day 152.
152. Mind & Body: Write something that would motivate others to workout and exercise.

(The information written in this section are not based in any scientific trials or what not.)

COVID-19 has been an eye opener to many. It brought us to our senses. Something health related that is (1) new (2) contagious (3) unpredicted would really make you think of things twice.

Having said that, it just makes you want to feel healthier. Since a lot of us have more time since there is nothing else to do. We tend to figure out on how to spend our time. We learnt new hobbies and one of that is the #BalikAlindog.

Deny it or not you have tried to exercise during this pandemic. Some people also showed how much they lost during this time. And the youtube video helps.

Also making sure that you are safe and sound during this pandemic is all you really want aside from that perfect bod.


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