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Wild Milly(goes with PIs

Toby MacNeil and her Private Eyes
1. Getting Ahead of Yourself

Toby stooped to take a couple of pictures of the body. The killer posed it in a peaceful postion right down to glueing the hand grasping across the chest. One of the other ladys was carefully takeing pictures of the surrounding area. Looking for anything out of place. The last two of the group were talking to the people who found the headless body. That will be a few therapy sesesions. A few snagged pieces of cloth caught her eye and she took a couple of pictures as her mind started to do it's thing. She had to hurry and get back to the office before her head started putting the pieces together. “Hey Chief, can you stop by the office and I'll have a list or two of people to look at.”

“What are you doing? You're trampling all over my crime scene. My Gwad, You are the most infuriating woman I have ever met! Go home Toby, and take the rest of your sleuths with you.” Chief Mitch Bryce sighed running his fingers through his greying hair. “I don't know how you four women can handle looking at a headless body and not freak out. It's not natural.”


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