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Open mind, open mouth.
When the crisis in your life comes you have to be ready with teeth and claw if its bad. When salvation comes you need to be ready with tongue and caress, ready to pull it toward you and not let it go.

We are born so that we might make our way through the world as mouth and claw, eating, sucking, biting, grasping, holding, and scratching meaning into the world.

It took a few minutes for the vitamins to kick in. These contain a mother load of vitamin C. Most illnesses today are some variety of scurvy mixed with some variety of lonesome. I've got both.

Before she hung up she said I was vane AF. Maybe she's right. Every morning I take out the stainless steel manicure kit and trim up my nails. Civilized AF. Next I brush my teeth and tongue and use some clinical strength mouthwash. Fresh AF. I do the same with my toes and yes I do from time to time use a moist wipe on my ass. I clean both ends of my wormness. I trim all four of my claws and go through a tube of Neutrogena every week to keep my hands from cracking.


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