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The architect of the universe God,The creator,
took infinite and filled it with life Cosmos and the heavens.
In our realm of matter the reign of all that may be seen felt understood
whatever exists in that realm, life bows respect and thanks
its Maker Divized of Universal in law its existence is all our exist a
reign of law, metaphysical.Source the code and the components.Spirtualized
in the physical that governing such varied elements, matter
as a grain in a hourglass a drop of water drips, hits the surface,as humble bee,
fertilizes the seeds the flowers that bloom beautiful radiant colors seen reflected on
BeBe, as her souls holds a kind unlike seen herd just a tale ones upon a time she spoke as if echoes of her voiced soothed the mind and soul as if it was touched , volumes, expanding beautifying the sense of life as a whole. Marijuwana herb,
smoked toked, and vaped and enjoyed how ever wrap marijuwanaa cloud of smoke blazing guts truth
glory is basken along with life by our side the sun, reflects that
and the most farest but closet and most wished on with lifes heaves and calls morning praise and lifes calls when death appears, a star sits awaits then,
reminds and lets know it is now nor later As in the realm of matter theirs
life,pointing directing the next un folding skip running behold truth know it truth be said heard and said with skill at its vice its, cat and mice type, wise in the
realm of mind do we find and discover or keep aside and not let it be uncovered, as
first man that ever reasoned correctly and wrote out his reasoning,
carrying weight but faith has it in for those dont invite for goodness sake,
with a no more to state.. A mind that shall ever live and
read what he wrote ; for there is one set of, rules just above hers,a women rules laws
pauses and just cause..Breaking overdosed in info, manic Nimfo Larry knows, whos governing all human thought, for all races, and ;ifestles rich reah pooor here oppurtunity knocksa calls mesages the leaves a bye a goodbye for mankind, and for all ages. Not all the laws are universal base it could get personal. When it comes face to face, THe face that you face, living proof the silents, speaks in volumes, heard stored what a marvel.
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