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If wishes were horses then they would've had to abandon this clusterfuck of a ranch weeks ago.
"Do you know where my eyeliner is?" Melchior asks, because if Otto's supposed to be watching his every move then he might as well take advantage of it.
"Ernst used the last of it, but he brought you another one and put it in your top left drawer," Otto replies easily. When Melchior raises an eyebrow at him, he says, "Anna and I talk. I give her updates on you and she shares anything that might cause you to 'freak out.' Her words, not mine."
Melchior rolls his eyes but opens the drawer and lo and behold, the wrong brand but a brand new eyeliner nonetheless.
"It's *liquid," Melchior groans, uncapping it anyway, "I don't know how to do liquid eyeliner."
He lifts the eyeliner with one shaky hand, and immediately dabs his eyelid in the wrong spot. Rubbing at the spot of eyeliner only makes it worse, smearing across the eyelid in a terrible, apparently indelible mark. He finally folds and wipes it off with a makeup removing wipe. He's about to start again when Otto speaks up.
"Please, please, just give me the eyeliner. I can't watch that happen again and again, it's physically painful to watch you try to do this," He says, stepping forward. Melchior regards him skeptically.
"*You know how to apply makeup?" Melchior asks, then, "What, did you have a ton of older and-slash-or younger sisters growing up?"
Otto's mouth doesn't change but his eyes narrow ever so slightly in what Melchior is shocked to recognize is annoyance. "I used to go out too, Melchior."
Melchior blinks twice in shock about this sudden development, but decides to close his eyes. He feels Otto's hand heavy on his face, holding his chin steady, fingers resting on Melchior's cheek.
"Stay still for once in your life," Otto mutters. Melchior makes an offended noise in the back of his throat but compiles, waiting silently as the eyeliner brush moves smoothly across his eyelid, despite the many questions bubbling in his throat.
"Done," Otto says, finally and Melchior opens his eyes to a near perfect cat eye.
"I-" Melchior turns his head from side to side, admiring it. "*What?"
"I know you usually just go for the 'smear it around your whole eye' look but it's a bit hard to replicate with liquid. Also, too early 2000s for my tastes."
Melchior bites back his comment about *Otto, who Melchior *knows has no fashion sense from his instagram stalking, commenting on Melchior's *intentional eyeliner looks, and just


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