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Looking back at all the moments where I was waiting for life to happen, I realized that I still had moments to fill the void in between. I am grateful for the times where I heard that piano play, for being able to savor the melody rather than lament never having had lessons or support to learn how to play myself.

All those cold mornings with a whiff of fresh coffee, the warmth touching my cheek first then my lips, dragging my feet to the classroom... I am grateful for those.
The moments where the best ideas struck me in my solitude surrounded by all the lonely people, for that I am grateful.
For the days I connected for a moment through eye-contact with a passerby, I am grateful.
All those summer days burning the back of my hands, running indoors into the comfort of AC, to find the baristas ready with the iced coffee, or even a fresh orange juice, they shared their names and lives with me, and I shared very little of mine, then one day, they were gone. I am grateful to have seen them every day.
For the first time I sat in my car and drove with no aim, just the night, the music and me, I am grateful. For the moments that I realized that I finally have wings, I am grateful.
for the first time where I felt truly accepted for who I am and all that I have been through, and not seen as a broken doll, or a cause...I am very grateful.

For all the days and nights and moments where I learned to love myself, and forgive myself and teach myself, I am grateful


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