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Hidden from the human world there was a land full of wonder and magic. The world had been kept a secret for centuries. It had been unknown to us because it was heavily protected. No one and no thing could access into this world. The world would fall apart if it were to be discovered. However, if I were to say, that I had seen this world, you will probably think that I was mad. But, believe me I am not mad, I had seen this world myself and the world did not fall apart. If I were to tell you this story, promise me one thing,.. don't go searching for it.Promise.

Present Day
"Abigail, another delivery for us. Abigail!"
Abigail jumped when she heard Sam's voice shouting for her. She closed her grandfather's soft brown leather journal.
"There you are." Sam said. Sam aka as Samantha had been her assistant since the day she was given the keys from her grandfather's inheritance. Sam was taller compared to her. Sam had long blonde hair while she had brown and bobbed shaped.

"You were reading your grandfather's journal again, weren't you?" asked Sam.
Abigail nodded as she helped Sam carry two big boxes up too the second floor of the shop.
"You know that place isn't real? It's just a story."
"But, what if it is Sam, what if he does want me to find it?"
"Oh, come on Abigail just let it go already. You will never find it and you never will.let's leave it at that shall we? What we do need to find though is a man. A man that will whisk you away and..."

Abigail groaned. "As if that is going happen?"
"But you need someone Abigail. You can't be a simpleton all your life."
"Why not? I am quiet happy being on my own. Nobody telling me what to do etc.etc" she said as she took out a few books from one of the boxes and placed them in their rightful place.
"Are you happy though? I can't imagine what it would be like if David and our children weren't around."
"That I find hard to believe."
"And what's that supposed to mean?"
"Oh nothing."
"No tell me, tell me or I will..."



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