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Brendan drove back from the meeting to his lovely apartment. He ran up the stairs and went into his furniture filled living room. He sat down on the couch and flicked through the channels. EquestriaCam, HLF, Equestrian Culture, HLF blowing up another church, Why You Should Be A Pony, HLF killing children in a hospital, The Two Sisters, HLF executing political prisoners, actual entertainment that's not just propaganda and HLF torturing prisoners.

Brendan turned off the TV and sighed. Equestria was incredibly well-loved. Almost to the level of propaganda. Books were popping up everywhere about life as a pony. All said the exact same thing. Brendan was glad he was offering more choices: Go to Equestria, Rot or go explore other dimensions and space. There'd be a lot less of those stupid glurge-y accounts of how great Equestria is, but some of them were quite good.

Brendan simply killed time waiting for his son to return. Michael, 16 years old and already trying to follow after his dad.


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