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Fours months
Here I sit in my big bed alone so much has happened . I look and feel for my Robert all through the night I know he is gone but just want to touch him slide my hand into his hand.

Robert died Dec 4 2014. " when you flew away you took a piece of my heart with My last entry I knew I was going to lose him to this battle

"You and me were always with each other Before we knew the other was ever there
Just like a breathe needs the.....
You and me we are searching for the same light desperate for a cure to this disease..."
He was so very sick the last three weeks friends and family rallied when we decided to come home no cure just getting worst tumors growing growing!! Many came to say goodbye so strange. I just tended to him and acted somewhat a guard deciding who and when people could visit he did tell who he wanted to see. Pepe was very important to him and he kept asking when is Pepe coming? All our good close friends came . We had Thanksgiving I offered food he declined he simply could not eat. Or maybe his frail body just knew he did no need fuel anymore. He would shut his eyes when the talking was too much for him. Rio was there through it all the driving back and forth to treatments the dressing and changing soiled clothing just saying "it's okay Daddy I've got you don't worry. He had a fall just days before attempting to walk to bathroom even tho he had not been walking requiring max assistance to just transfer from chair to beside commode to bed, I was not in the room at the time and he was carrying orange juice which spilled then he crashed to floor hitting head very hard it was then that he started complaining about pain. That day he had several episodes of eyes rolling back not sure if he had head injury but that was when I decided morphine was needed.


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