snippet from Aka Ryuu Chronicles: Aftershock
Aka Ryuu Chronicles: Aftershock
cleaning it up," she said. Fushi and 26 scattered and Andrea crouched down to start mopping up the tepid liquid with the dish towel.
She flinched again when Roni spoke. "Are you okay, Andrea?"
Andrea sighed. She turned her head to look at the teenage girl who was sitting on the floor in front of the second couch, on the other side of the huge coffee table. "I'm fine. I was half asleep and the movie startled me," she replied.
Roni frowned in that way the way that sound she definitely knew she was telling a lie. Andrea narrowed her icy blue eyes at her ever so slightly, trying to tell her to drop the issue. Roni stared back at her.
The teenager was the youngest out of everyone in the room, and also one of the best at calling Andrea out when she wasn't being truthful. The sixteen year old had always spoken her mind- in a nice, non-abrasive way- and that hadn't changed in the two years since Andrea had met her. In fact Andrea was certain that Roni's continued exposure to her was just making her more and more likely to give voice to whatever thoughts were in her head. But she would say them in the nicest way possible, at least.


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