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"My first mate, Kalila," La Marche commented as Morrow stepped into the room, closing the door behind them.
La Marche indicated a chair on the opposite side of the desk from her and Morrow took it.
"We're excited to have you aboard, your reputation precedes you."
"Does it? I'm not sure that's good."
La Marche laughed. "Relax. I swear neither I nor Kalila will bite."
Morrow hadn't realized just how tense they were. They took a deep breath and exhaled.
The interview went smoothly. It was a bit unconventional, in Morrow's decade of experience. After they were done, La Marche rose and Morrow followed suit. "I think I would like to hire you," she pronounced.
"Oh. Excellent."
"The Peregrine sets off day after next. Please be here by mid morning. We cast off at noon."
"Okay, I will be there."
"Great!" La Marche beamed.

The day after next dawned foggy and cool. Perfect weather. Morrow rose early, as was their habit, and made for the docks.
Watery early morning light was beginning to burn through the fog by the time Morrow arrived. The docks were already buzzing with a mosaic of people of all races there for all sorts of reasons. Morrow still stood out. They could catch murmurs about them as they passed and the eyes following them were many.
The Peregrine was berthed toward the end of the docks. Over the din of the masses, Morrow could hear La Marche shouting instructions to her crew.
At the top of the gangway, the captain met Morrow. A grin haunted the half-elf's face as she looked Morrow over.
"Permission to come aboard?" Morrow intoned.
"Granted. Let me introduce you the rest of the crew."
At last, an opportunity to meet this illustrious crew. Morrow trailed after La Marche as she moved fluidly through the throngs of dockworkers and crew that packed the deck of The Peregrine.
"You've met Kalila, my first mate," La Marche nodded toward the hulking form of


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