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that or something. i need to eat good and geta sexy body. also i need to eat healthhy and stop being jarods little bitch because he pisses me off like hes not a good boyfriend he doesn't text me goodnight anymore or goodmorning or anytnig. he sucks at that and i dont want to be the one to do it first cause then im like the"man" of the relationship and thats not good for his ego soo yeah. i will probably hang out with him tomorrow and im going to leave him wanting more. if he tries to kiss me i will pull away and play hard to get. make him work for me. then one last big kiss at the end but not too passionate then we will not see each other all weekend cause hes at his dads. i will have satisfaction and he will be driven bat shit crazy all weekend. not me. not anymore. tomorrow i will wake up at 6, workout, shower, get food: 2 eggs and an apple and i will drink a glass of water before i eat. i will take my last medicine pill and i will wear something that i like and i wont care if other people don't like it because im comfortable in it so f you. then i will go to school and freaking rock it because im awesome. i won't care if jarod is there in the morning because we aren't in a serious relationship and we are casual and i realize that so i wont freak out. i will go home for lunch and eat a salad with some carrots and some hummus and i will put ham on the salad and use a little bit of dressing. i will drink a large glass of water before i eat my food too. then i will go back to school have 4th and 5th hour and i will freaking do so much of my idla that its gonnna be no problem. then i will go home and i will practice piano and then i will take a nap then i will workout then i will shower off and eat some dinner; a salad with black beans and 2 of those super freaking good apples grandma delores brought by. i will drink a large glass of water before i eat dinner. then ill brush my teeth super good and make myself look super hot and i will be super hot because i am. then if jarod wants to hang out he will tezt me and i wont text him because he needs to be a man. we will go to alyssas house and probably play cod ghosts or watch a movie or something so yeah i will do that and it will be a good day and im awesome. im gonna watch some netflix or lia marie johnson so goodnight! :)


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