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I hate pictures.
No, that's not true. I hate how pictures are used today.
We have this culture of constantly living in the recent past. We say, "Oh, this happened. I took fifty photos from it."
I believe (and this is my opinion) that photos should be used to document the present for the sake of the inhabitants of the future. There's nothing better than looking through home movies and photo albums.
This could all just be the curmudgeon-y rantings of someone who doesn't think she's very photogenic. Like, that's a very real possibility that I'm genuinely not discounting.
But... does anyone else have the uneasy feeling we won't have the same "stumble-upon-old-documented-memories" experiences?
Mmmmmm, no. This is all just the rantings of someone who's not very photogenic.

How conscious are you of cameras at, say, a party?
Probably more conscious than the party-goers of previous generations.
Speaking from my own perspective, I know that I would offer a photographer silly expressions and "real" emotions if I was not so worried about double chins and ugly faces making their way onto my Facebook profile the next day. Dating is getting increasingly digital, and someone can more easily write you off based on your appearance than ever before. You might have terrible photos, but be very pretty and interesting and charming in person, and a potential suitor would never experience that based on the way your chin folds over itself in pictures. And that's scary.
Approaching the world as a straight-leaning bisexual girl, I want to look good. I'm very conscious of my appearance, and I put a lot into it. With that said, I don't want to be based SOLELY on my 2-D image. I'd want to meet a guy, look lovely, and also have him get to know me (I'm a catch, all right?). I'm fully cognizant of the importance men place consciously and subconsciously on women's appearances, so I don't judge men for writing women off based on their online pictures.
It just prevents me from being my authentic self when pictures are being taken at parties. Whereas I might hug my best friend for a picture if I knew it wouldn't be uploaded to Facebook, I don't because I hate the way it makes my arm fat bulge out.
"Just don't give a fuck!" My friend, how much easier that is said than done.


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