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Chapter 1 -- test papers; at least they get the fucking weekend, she thought...

12:35pm, saturday. grading papers in her underwear. she sat at the desk, inspecting stapled papers full of handwriting with varying degrees of clarity. this one piece of poetry in particular: u hot ass sit hook me upp **open with this, quotes from the test papers. it'd be funny**. she sighed and scratched her navel. she heard the shower behind her stop. she didn't notice him walk his wet, loosely toweled body to her until her was behind her. his moist fingers caressing her arms shocked her. jesus, you scared me! her extreme annoyance, however, quickly turned to mild exasperation when his cold fingers trailed from her arms to up to her neck, massaging the area between it and her breast; water dripped down her cleavage, lightly staining her bra. you're getting me wet, honey. he moaned in excitement, she groaned a ha ha as he leaned in to smell her hair and lay his chin on the top of her head. how are the master poets, he said and began to read some of the papers. they can't even spell that, right? she slide her head to face him. yes, thanks, spelling it out will make it more coherent. she felt his hands now around her bare, soft belly, his elbows brushing on her shirt, pushing and mushing her chest. what's with kids these days, he said


i don't know where i'm going with this. all i know is that i want to write a story about the relationship between a female teacher and a student, specifically a black, middle aged, married with a child, literature teacher and a black, teenage, timid, bullied, student in her class. he's shy and gets bullied by an asshole in her class (the bully will also be a character in the story and not just some bully asshole) so the teacher takes pity on him and tried to befriend him. meanwhile she's not getting well with the men in her life -- her husband and her son -- and decides to bond with the student on a whim. the both of them come to an understanding and discover they have a lot in common -- they like the same cartoons, comic books, manga, literature, etc. a bunch of other stuff that her husband and son don't know about because she doesn't talk about it with them because she's embarrassed about it because she was bullied when she was a child for liking that stuff and she hid it from everyone. the more they interact, the more open he becomes and starts to develop feelings for her and tries to impress her by getting better grades and better outfit...there's no plot to this story so for the sake of it...**


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