snippet from College is tough. So I'm Documenting It.
College is tough. So I'm Documenting It.
It hurt. I remembered that it hurt.

Your whole life you live with people who unconditional love you that make you feel wanted, safe, and never alone. Then you get thrown into University where you're forced to feel alone and isolated and deserted and then you're told that it's for your own good, that it's all apart of the college experience, one must go through it in order to learn and grow and to become a successful well rounded person. If this is so, If every other Freshman college student is going through this, then why do I feel like I'm the only one?

Oatmeal cookies are the devils ball sacks.

Human definition of an Oatmeal Cookie:You know when you see a really cute guy/girl at a party and then when it comes down to the physical aspect of the night your once god like of a partner is just GOD AWFUL. But you can't blame him/her because hey their looks did all the work for them their whole lives and like a dumb ass you fell for it. So in the beginning of the night he/her looked like a warm, yummy, gooey chocolate chip cookie and like always you jumped the gun to go grab it, but it turns out it was a FUCKING oatmeal cookie the whole time.

Sep 2, 2016 Day 5 at NAU

Starbucks Boy.

Okay so here's the low down, when I came down to NAU for freshman orientation I decided to wait in the on campus Starbucks here at the school, there for the next three days I saw the same Starbucks employee. A tall, baby faced boy, with a pixie like nose, eyes the color of virgin hazelnuts. He stood with the stance of a man who was ready to take on any order that came his way,his lips perched in between yelling out drink orders and names, when friends came to stay hi his once puckered face of concentration slowly developed into a grin so big the muscles in his jaw line pulsated, looking as if each muscle were trying to dismember themselves from his happiness. He then stop working, I went days without seeing him, I then decided to try a Starbucks closer to my dorm, as I walk in slowly looking up at the staff, who do


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