snippet from Um agora, para sempre.
Um agora, para sempre.
Ha sentimentos que se renovam todos os dias e que se repetem, vezes e vezes sem conta. Ganham vida prĂ³pria e tornam-se habito.

Feeling is translated as emotions. What are you sensing in your body, where does your attention immediately get drawn. We gear towards the negative, pinch. One layer of noticing. Another layer are something that feels good in your body? What feels good about it? What sensations? What is less uncomfortable? What feels less bad?
Was there a positive incremental difference? Notice, as you are scanning around, where the attention lands. What sensations are you noticing? Tingling in your skin, contact between the chair and the back of your legs?
Attention: hummingbird, bear, eagle. What is the pace of my breath? where does my breath move? Rest or hover. When you stabilize this, does something happen?

Imagine you are sitting in a lush green field. The wind slowly blows the clouds by. A flock of parrots circles above. What do you notice in your body when you picture that image? Do you have a relationship to the word image?
Heightened on the activation scale. Something that bothered you. Land on an image that seems to capture what the discord was. Notice what happens in your body. Acidity, sour.
Hold that image and give it time, space.

Notice how you are sitting. Notice if when you became aware of how you are sitting, if you shifted. Choose a different way of sitting and standing. Shake your hands and feet. Let sitting organize itself. Go back to where your body directs you.

How are you feeling in respect to your emotions right now? Anger, joy, sadness, happiness, excitement, resignation. Feeling tone of your emotional state. Feeling, connect it to sensation. Notice what your feeling and where that lives in your body. Loosen the grip of your brain. Expand your awareness horizontally. Expand that feeling or sensation into movement, what movement would you make.



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