snippet from I Have No Idea
I Have No Idea
The Trouble with PIs

Haden Weaver and Elissa Harrison (minor characters)

"Haden, I don't know what to tell you?" Elissa turned onto her street. "I told the boss that it was my idea." She pressed the garage button. "Why? WHY! Because it was my idea, that's why you little prick." She pressed the button again as she pulled in. "I'm sorry if I was so harsh." She gathered her things together and stepped out of her car, "I'll tell you what come over tomorrow and I'll work with you, Okay? Good. Then I'll see you tomorrow."

Elissa turned to go up the stairs to her house when a sound caught her attention.

She wiped the rain out of her eyes as she tucked her wet hair behind her ears. She should have brought an umbrella, but you can’t go crawling around in the weeds peeking into windows with an umbrella. If you want to get paid, you have to get that money shot. Well, in this case you do.
“Oh yeah,” she muttered to herself.

Tommy James dropped Cindy’s silk shirt off her shoulders as he trailed kisses down her neck to her breast. Cindy’s hands ran through his hair.

Toby felt a very low vibration at her feet. It was her dog letting her know someone was coming.

“You would think the people in this town would know better by now. Everyone knows everyone else's business.” Chief Mitch Bryce scrunched down next to her. “You’re trespassing.” He reached in his pocket, “There you go Ace, old boy.” and gave him a dog cookie.


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