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Some real talk about all this crap. Yes m are always getting shat on, because the majority of people are Godless, evil and losers. m in particular get more shit on them than others because of shaytaan prompting them to attack. I get distracted by this political land masses type bullshit because from a rhetoric perspective its very convincing.

But lets zoom out and truly focus on the reality. The reality is that everyone will be judged by the almighty on an individual basis with some intercession as well. Besides that all this crap about nationalism and who goes where is meaningless and pointless.

Everything is corrupt, even the critique of corruption has strands of corruption in it.

They're only looking in one dimension through the lens of observation (only 10%) and the physical world.

Why don't we go beyond this shite? Why do i spend so much time worrying about people i look upto think. Don't ask yourself how can you convince him. Ask yourself why you look upto someone with such a fundamental flaw in their character as this.

So what i think we can learn from in this tragic situation is that you have to hyper focus on what you want to do, and ignore all else.

The reality is that haram and shaytaan leave no nation state untouched. We are in the worst times ever. We need not justify people's evil but rather we shine a light on it by our own actions.

Trump is evil because he wants to indirectly prevent dawa from reaching his country. his loss, the fruits of growth would dry up if muslims stopped being in these communities. PArticcularly Awliyah.

So the lesson to be learned is that what is apparent is actually a mental projection from shaytaan.Its all a game he plays to trick the believing people.

Don't think too much about the tragedy. Rather focus on what you need to do and say.

In my life the most important lesson is to DO, not just witness. So i'll speak up in my writing. What is the truth as i see it? I see right wing nationalists feared up over a tiny amount of people. I see them tying loose strains and binding them to make thicker twine.

I get upset at how they bend


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