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the theme of the Gospel of today is marriage and divorce. According to Jesus' words, it is not allowed a man to divorce his wife because the original plan of God when he created and designed the world was that both, man and woman, would be like one flesh. Jesus' words even disavow Moses law which permitted men to hand a bill of divorce to their women and dismiss them.
the disciples were in shock by Jesus' teaching. they think this is not possible and it would be better not to get married. However, Jesus takes this last phrase uttered by the disciples in order to explain why some people will stay single. some of them because they are eunuchs by birth, others because they were made eunuchs by others and finally others for the cause of the kingdom of Heaven.
Being a single man, a celibate man because of the kingdom of heaven is an option that Jesus himself chose in his lifetime. Jesus as a man had the same basic needs that all of us have. I think he also thought to have a wife and a happy family. but the mission he was given by his Father was big and so important that he decided to focus on it and give all his life for it. this mission was the announcement of the imminent arriving of God's kingdom.
What I take from the Gospel reading of today is that as Jesus, God has invited me to give my entire life for this project. My consecration does not mean anything if I forget that my entire energies and strengths should be focused on working for the arriving of God's kingdom. If I want to follow Jesus' path, as a consecrated man I should fill my heart every day of God's love, of God's spirit, in the same way as a husband and his wife, if they want to live happily during their marriage they need to keep alive the fire of love.


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