snippet from Day 4_Monday, Sept. 26, 2016
Day 4_Monday, Sept. 26, 2016
Connecting to my bunny rabbit:
This ego thinks. It thinks it knows something, anything. I'm here now to instruct you, if you would be willing to open to this. Freely, things can move thru this body. The consciousness has no boundaries. How to live in the HS more often, until it's connected to your heart.

Breathe from the heart. Practice breathing right there. Even putting your hand there to bring your awareness to it. This will always bring you into the present, then you can sense/experience what is there FOR you, always FOR you.

Look at Hugh's message to Jess the email. He doesn't love our daughter. He's angry at our daughter. Yes. No. I feel damaged, hurt, angry, sad, forlorn, nervous. I feel it in my body ... my throat is closed up and sore. I feel better than him. I judge him as small, stupid, petty, childish, needy, sad, lonely. Treat him: like a pariah, like a shark, like a stupid idiot, I close my heart to him. Treat her: like she's breakable, easy to injure, petulant, hurtful. Treat others: I need your help to straighten him out, so he and his daughter can love each other. Get to work! Hurry up! Help me! Can't see: He loves her. He wants to connect with her. He's trying to get her goat. He's desperately trying to connect.
#4: I am reading an email from a father, my ex husband, who wants to connect with his daughter. I feel relaxed, open hearted, connected to his suffering.

He does love our daughter.
He keeps trying to connect.
He doesn't give up.
He writes to get her attn.
His heart is in pain, so he's sharing that heart with her.

Our daughter doesn't love him.
She doesn't apparently write to him
She's told me that she's sick of him.
She's said she doesn't love his emails, his way of trying to connect.

He doesn't love himself.
If he did, he wouldn't *need* her love.
Her disconnection with him is the same as his from himself.

He doesn't love our daughter...Yahoo!

He cherishes our daughter.


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