snippet from Day 2_September 22, 2016
Day 2_September 22, 2016
Day 2 in Vancouver, sitting at the dining table, looking out at Gretchen's garden. Peaceful.

Words on a page. What will come here? Thinking of Megan's house, thinking of Megan, and how she seems proud to be a shaman woman with all her strange "spells," "fire ceremonies" etc....and seems I've dropped all that...trying to manifest things in the world. Also how she talked about Rita, as a shaman woman, a "great soul"? And I thought of how I judged her...she prevented me from evolving ... I prevented HER from evolving; she didn't prevent me; I prevented me.

Is there a difference? Between "trying" and "manifesting"? Isn't that what we're doing already without even trying? Isn't life itself a manifestation? Is it only an issue/problem for me when I'm seeming to *try* to create vs. just observing creation?

Do I really ever have control over anything?

it's alright to be afraid .... be kind, be brave, be strong.

Dream your sweet dream until your soul is released...

Don't hate or try to fix or change the dream...just notice it. It's just a dream.

Nothing wrong with that, it's what we human storytellers do.

Even as a leaf is held so safely in the hand of the all. In faith, in peace it moves in the light, in the sun, in the breeze ... held in the hand of love. Guided, connected, protected. Could anything less be true for me? For all of us?

Rita to be is a reflection of how much I don't want to let go of blaming others and not taking responsibility for my own life, for trying to make someone else be responsible for my walk ... this is a victim stance. Moving from that is my life's work. Accepting the peace that I already am ... my own True Nature ... Here is where I am ... with little to nothing to say about it. It's all just words. Life is moving relentlessly


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