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"You have to hurry, they will be here any minute!" Viktor urged his wife Elizabeth, his eyes fixated on the doorway at the end of the room. "You can wrap him up properly later."
"I'm almost done," Elizabeth dismissed him as she finished wrapping the baby in her arms. The night was cold as it was, and it would do them no good to have the prince catch a fever. "There, let's go."
Viktor wasted no time, having moved to the door while she finished her work, the battle outside the castle was bound to finish soon and they could not stay around to find out who the winner was.
His fingers wrapped around the hilt of his sword, pulling the blade out of its scabbard, ready for an attack before he slowly opened the door. There was no one nearby. "Come on," He commanded as he stepped outside, looking both ways before turning left, away from the sound of screaming and steel clashing against steel.


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