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Story A
for the past year i've been the umbrella to a very strange little girl in a yellow raincoat. she carries me everywhere; in and out of the school -- in the class room, the cafeteria, the library, the bathroom; in the park, on the swings, on the slide, on the carousal, and so on and so on. I am her umbrella, her confidant, and possibly only friend. When we get home, there is nothing there; no mother, no father, no siblings -- nothing to speak off. just a clean, quiet, empty house on the hill. in the afternoon we just sit there in the middle of the living room -- there is no television, just a couch without the plastic taken off -- and we just sit there; i lie on my side and she sits on the couch without making a sound... until she starts crying weak, little tears, and blubber; an incomprehensible whine of which i can't begin to understand. who is this girl, where does she come from, why is she here? how the hell do i get out of this mess? the afternoon turned to the evening, and it began to rain. thunder clapped and lightning roared and the rain came down hard. what little light in the house fizzled out. there was a silence to everything but the weather. this is what happens when you delete your history but don't hit the save button


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