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Tomorrow he will be free. Tomorrow. Can I wait until tomorrow? Can I live without him this long?

Okay, Ada. You're being foolish. You can live without him. He's be in the clink for a decade. Well, a decade less one day. So you can definitely live without him. He may be the father to your teenage children, but you can live without him. Well, I wish they were teenagers, anyway. Am I rambling too much in my mind? I should be quiet. Yeah, I should be. Ada dear, he is in prison, and that is the proper term for it. You know you're only 25 and you're why he's in prison. You told on him. He wouldn't be in prison if it weren't for you.

But that summer night was so nice. Birds sang, cats purred, and the sky was blue. It was really very blue. It was that day I lay on the beach, accepting the sunlight. My mum said to be home by ten, and it was only three. I had seven hours. Seven hours to explore as I pleased, seven hours to enjoy the outdoors. I lazily turned over. I'll just sleep a little more, I thought. I'll be up in no time. My mum won't mind, as I'll be home by ten. Ten is pretty unreasonable for a thirteen-year-old, don't you think? I'm mature enough for midnight by now. That's what my brother Kakum gets.

Maybe I'll run into Kakum. That would be bland. I don't really want to run into Kakum - he's annoying, and he'll probably be with Sally anyway. Sally is too mushy for my taste. She just is. She kisses him - yeah, you read that right! SHE kisses HIM. Like, girls are supposed to be swept away in the kiss. That's what it will be like for me. I'll be swept away by my first kiss. It's annoying that my folks won't let me date until I'm 17. That's four years from now, in case your math isn't all that great. And Kakum is only 15 - why is it earlier for boys, mum and papa? Oh well. I'm here to enjoy the summer sun, and that's just what I'm going to do.

Let's get going! What's over here? Oh, you are beautiful bees. I don't get why bees are the enemy. They aren't, honest. I can hold one in my hand, and it won't mind. It won't even sting me. Bees like me - maybe it's because I'm Ada Honey Blossom? Yeah, my parents named me weird. I can't help it. I'll just be me - me is fine, truthfully. But I don't really like it. "Me" is boring. I'd like to be interesting, and it's not easy for me. I always do boring stuff. Not like Kakum. He hiked 20 miles on his ome


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