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"I'm very sorry to announce that I won't be coming home for Christmas this year. I will be stuck at work and therefore I won't be able to attend the celebrations.
I hope you can understand,
This was what his email to his family sounded like. Cold, impersonal, just like Louis and his flat.
But more than anything, his words were totally made up (deceiving). The only truthful thing in them was that he wouldn't be home for Christmas.
His excuses where nothing more than that, just excuses. How could he be stuck at work if he didn't even have a job?
But of course his mum couldn't know that. Couldn't know about how he barely made ends meet, how he struggled to find money for food, let alone afford a ticked for bloody Doncaster.
When his mum had called him to confirm his presence during Christmas holidays, Louis had freaked out and told her that yes, of course he'd be there. But after the call had ended, he began
So he had elaborated a plan: he would tell his family that he'd come home for the holidays as he always did. Then, on the 24th, the day he was supposed to arrive, he'd send the email letting them know that he couldn't come. He'd turn off his phone, obviously - he didn't think he could lie that well with his mum's voice in his ear. And then, after some hours, maybe even after a couple of days, he'd call and said he was sorry but he really hadn't been able to get off work.
Yes, it would make him a shit son, but it was better if his mum was disappointed for this than for the fact that he was on the brick of bankruptcy. Especially when she thought that he was still in uni.
On Christmas's eve, Louis was drunk. He didn't have any money to waste on alcohol, of course, but he still had some Gordon's gin that Zayn had left the last time he had been over.


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