snippet from Today May 24, 2016
Today May 24, 2016
The Day began late and in a haze. I landed at 10.30 am fretting how late I would be at office. Wondering how the day will be, what wuestions will there be on my one day delay to office. Well, when I reached there, everyone was out! There was some conference and the boss and my colleagues had gone for some meetings. I was relieved.. thank God I thought. It is so weird this is the place where I spend a bulk of my life - where I do not enjoy going, or even interacting with my colleagues.
It has been long since I felt excited to wake up and go to office. Very long. It really is the time to change. But.. Then the thought of starting a family pops up. Am unifying behind these reasons to not move; not move outside of my comfort zone? Or am I really being practical about it? I am not sure about it anymore. I am actually quite worried about this. I am not sure how to clear my head .. Well, taking some action, checking out a few options and then getting out would be the best course of option. If I don't find anything in the meanwhile, then that's fate. So I will devote one hour everyday for this. From 11 am to 12 pm daily. Let's see how that goes ?
What was the one new thing I learnt today? Nothing. Let me devote 12.-12.30 for one new thing a day?
Did I complete 15k steps a day? Umm.. 4279 steps today. Ie less than 30 percent of my goal for today. Well, tomorrow is a fresh start. Let me start this too.
Should I start learning a dance or a piano - I think piano would be nice - even though I fear that I will not understand notes at all. Well, let's try for a month and then maybe I can switch?
Now about investing - I need to devote 1 hour a day for the investing / top down work - maybe 2.45 to 3.45? Let me see tomorrow and then decide.
Half to 1 hour for reading old memos / preparing for interviews- so that's right after top down work.
Half an hour for networking / talking to people - that should be about 4.30 or so. Call people and just chat and fix up meetings for lunch or coffee around the same time.
Good, all these don't seem too cumbersome any more.


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